22 January 2010

Sometimes, Another Gear Comes Out

Distance: 7 miles
Time: 50:11
Avg Pace: 7:10

So, it was rainy out today. It always is, its Oregon. I have nothing against running in the rain. Today I wanted to run fast and usually can't do so when its raining. So, I headed to the gym after class. Seeing as it was the afternoon, it was super busy. That mean I had to stick to the 30 minute rule (I really hate that). Instead of doing what I could in 30, I split the run in half. I ran the first 3.5 on the dm @7:36 pace. Then I grabbed some water and headed to the track.

Now, before I get to my pace I need to talk about the track itself. The student rec center is Brand New, like just opened on the 3rd new. The track surface is good and the turns are banked (barely). However, it is an 11th mile track. So it takes 11 laps for 1 mile. That being said, I ran WAY faster, 6:43 pace to be exact. I can't wait for my half in March!

Speaking of which, below is the plan that I drew out for myself. It is an 8 week plan that starts on Monday. Week 1 is a little funny because Tuesday will be my birthday. I'm taking a page from marathonmaiden's recent past and running 23km (~14.3mi) since its my 23rd birthday. Week 3 is funny because my amazing fiance is coming over for Valentine's Day weekend! For the uninitiated, we go to different grad schools. That being said, I would love to hear what you guys and gals think of the plan. I would love any comments on structure, workouts, etc.


  1. woot for 23k on your 23rd. i'm soooo happy my advisor suggested that to me :)

    and i totally take the furthest tm from the desk and cover up the console with a towel as well as hit reset when i get to 30 minutes. you clearly are a better person than i :P

  2. OH and the plan. i like it and it looks solid to me. i'm assuming youre doing the 2x a week speedwork (assuming T = tempo?)? i'm currently loving that set up

  3. Well, I would reset it at 30 but they have people that walk around...damn. Yeah, T is tempo.