19 January 2010

Recap and Recover

Well, I've been mia for a few days. I went home to Washington for the weekend. I got in a few decent runs. Not as far as I wanted to go but I'll take it. I didn't get much homework done. I have a hard time focusing when I'm at home. I did finish one problem for diff eq theory. It took me a total of 5 hours to do the problem but I did it. Now, I have to do two more of the same problem and type it up before Friday!

I was not happy with my running last week. I logged somewhere around 32 miles. I had planned on running 40 but had to cut a few runs short. Most of the runs were slower than I wanted them to be. On the plus side. I transitioned to running 6 days per week, instead of 5, without injuring myself. Anyway, here are today's stats:

Distance: 4
Time: 28:18
Avg Pace: 7:04

The workout was a 4 mile pick up. I started slow, ~8:30 pace, for the first quarter mile. The first mile passed at 8:03. Then I picked it up. Didn't think I picked it up that much but the next mile came in 6:58. The final two were 6:49 and 6:27! I was very happy with today's run. If it is any indication, this is going to be a great week. Oh, today is the first week of my training cycle for my half marathon. If all goes well, I should have 41 miles at the end of the week. Now I'm off to get some Starbucks and work on my diff eq hw.

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  1. great pick up workout! i'm the opposite when i go home: i am wicked productive because i want to stay away from the chaos that is my house haha. and i feel your pain with the 5 hour diff eq prob. i've had many a problem with some phyiscs before and it sucks hardcore. granted youre 100000x more advanced than me but still... :)