29 August 2010

Getting the Fast Back


Distance: 12 miles
Time: 1:30:41
Pace: 7:34

This run was awesome and tough and the same time. It started out very hilly. Like quad killing hills that I haven't ran in a few years. I hadn't planned on running them but when I ran near them, I decided to see if I still had it. Oh, did I mention this was a few miles into the 15k "tune-up race" portion of the run? Needless to say, these few miles were not that fast, maybe 7:40's. The last four miles of the 15k were 7:02, 6:47, 6:35 and 6:26. It felt really good to run that fast. In all I averaged 7:15's for the tune-up.

If you ever need some good running music, check out this track from the Rap Pack (Kanye, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, T.I.).

My favorite line (during Lil Wayne's part): "Run up in your shit, just me no mas. Running this shit like I got four thighs. No one has swagga like these four guys". If that can't get you up a hill ...


Distance: 17 miles
Time: 2:26:55
Pace: 8:39

This run went well but I have my issues with it. Well, with my prep for it. I didn't eat anything during the run and didn't hydrate well (i.e. at all) before the run. Still, it was very evenly paced (1:13:45/1:13:10) and gave me a little more confidence towards going sub-3:30 in October.

I'm still on the fence about how to run my half marathon in two weeks. I feel like its far enough out for an all out effort but a part of me is still afraid I won't recover quick enough for the marathon. We'll see how the next two weeks plays out.

As for the rest of my life, I'm still slowly plugging away at studying/research. Though lately its been dominated by studying. Yesterday I brought my car in for an oil/filter change, tire rotation and brake check. Everything went ok. I guess there was no pressure on my rear brakes but they were able to fix that. Downside is I need to replace my timing belt before it explodes. The manufacturer recommends replacing the belt on my model at 60k miles. My car might be 20k miles north of that...and it might be unhappy driving at freeway speeds...so I'll probably be doing that before I head back to Portland. On the positive side...only 5 days until I get to be with my fiance!

24 August 2010

Track Super Star

Distance: 8 miles
Time: 1:01:24
Pace: 7:41

Today's run included a track workout, 5 x 600 meters at 5K pace. Its been some time since I did a track work out. Well, scratch that, its been some time since I've done short intervals. During my half training earlier this year I did 2-mile repeats. The workout went well. I clocked 2:22, :19, :18, :18, :14. It felt good to run fast on a track again.

Its been some time since my last post. Life has been crazy. I haven't been studying or researching much. That is going to change starting tomorrow as I really need to be studying for the exam. I'm thinking I'll alternate days between the two. Work has been absolutely crazy. We've been harvesting lettuce for the last two days and will be doing it all day tomorrow too. In all, we have/had 10,000 heads of lettuce!

I can't wait for school to start again. Then I will get to sleep in a little and I'll have more time for research and running. Though after Portland in October I will be cutting my running down drastically until I get my research under control.

I ran my second 20-miler of the training cycle on Sunday. It went really well. I finished with an average of 8:46 per mile. This was with a 20-sec negative split for my pace! (I ran the first half @8:56, second half @8:36 pace). My first 20-miler averaged 8:45 pace. This run felt much better than the first and I had a much stronger finish. The run really gave me more confidance in my ability to hit my goal in October.

Happy Thought of the Day: I get to see my fiance in 10 days! Her university is on semester and I am on quarters. She's been gone for a week already! I can not wait to drive out and see her.

09 August 2010

Cool Weather

Lately for my runs (read every run since the 20 miler) the weather has been much cooler. Don't get me wrong, I love running in 55-65* weather. I would just prefer it was sunny and cool not cloudy/rainy.

This last week of running was great. I got in 48 miles of awesome runs including 6@7:02 pace on Saturday and 16 w/12 @7:57 (goal MP) yesterday.

Today's stats:

Distance: 8 miles
Time: 1:08:54
Pace: 8:37

I was happy with my pace given the tough weekend I had. The rest of the week is going to be crazy. Tomorrow I will be up at 4:45ish for a quick 5 mile run. Then its off to Seattle for a 3-day job. I'll be working as the Director's Assistant at the NW Deposition Skills Conference put on by the National Institute for Trial Advocacy (NITA). Its a great organization and a great program. This will be my third year at this program. Its an awesome job but it is not awesome for running. Ususally Monday (today) is a rest day. Since I will be out the door for work by 6am on Wed and Thur and not be done until after 7 pm both days, I'll be moving my rest days to those days.

Thursday night is dinner with my lovely fiance and her parents before she leaves for school :( I'm glad she is at her school because it is a great fit for her. Its just really hard being engaged and at different schools. Thankfully we only have to survive being apart until June. Well, we'll see each other a few times during the school year but we'll both have our Master's degrees by June. Then we can finally be together!

01 August 2010

Note to Self...

...do not schedule a tough hike for the day before a long run.

Yesterday I hiked up Mt. Si with my sister, aunt and uncle. It was 8 miles roundtrip with 3300 ft of elevation gain on the way up. It was a good hike but probably wasn't smart to do given today's run.

Distance: 20 miles
Time: 2:55:07
Pace: 8:45

I am so stoked about today's run. Despite yesterday's hike, this 20 miler was 11 seconds per mile faster than my 20 milers during my last training cycle and my marathon! Even better, I paced the run very well. The first 10 miles, 1:27:29. The last 10 miles, 1:27:38. Pace champ = me :) The run put me at 1000 miles for the year!

I logged 195 miles in July, which is a monthly PR for me. Actually, I'd have to double check but I think this week is also a weekly PR, 54.8 miles.

Sadly, my lady is not in town. She's camping in California with her folks. I am going absolutely crazy without her. Once she gets back in town, we only have five days together before she heads to school.

Being as dead as I am, I'll probably take the day off from everything. Tomorrow will be studying for my comprehensive exam in algebra (Sept 20th is the test date). I failed it in the spring and must pass it this time around or I don't graduate, which is clearly no bueno. I'll probably do a little bit of research too. Thankfully, its an srd.

Last but not least, what's a post about a hike without one pic?
This was taken near the summit. Highest point we went, 3900 ft, just above the cloud deck.