31 December 2009

Daily Run: Year's End

Well, I thought I'd reference Pirates and title this "Runner's of the Marathon: At Year's End" but that seemed a little long. I had a nice casual end to my year of running. First, a nice 2 miler with my fiance which was amazing :) Then I drove back to my house for an easy 3 miles. I ran in the GT's again. They felt ok today. I think I'm making the right decision by leaving them in Washington to run in when I am home. So at Portland(grad school) I will be rotating my Wave Riders and Lunar Glides.

This month I managed to crank out 132.32 miles. Not quite mileage junkie status(not by a long shot) but it was my second longest month of the year. It felt really good. In all, I ran 875 miles this year :)

I thought it might be fun/interesting to see how my pace was for my "best" training runs. So I went through my log to find the best times I had in a training run at distances I ran most often. Here is the list.

3mi-20:36-6:52mp-June 22nd
4mi-29:13-7:18mp-March 11th
5mi-35:35-7:07mp-December 29th
6mi-46:40-7:46mp-December 28th
8mi-59:16-7:25mp-June 20th
10mi-1:17:42-7:45mp-December 26th

I think its interesting that most of these times came from my second and third longest months. Also that 3 of them were in the same week. The only thing that doesn't seem to fit is the pace for my 4 and 6 mile runs. Other than that, its a nice little progression :) Hopefully, 2010 will be an even better year!

29 December 2009

Daily Run: The Need for Speed

Distance: 5 miles
Time: 35:35
Pace: 7:07

Well, its official. I am in better shape than I thought. I was hoping my legs would let me go farther than 5 miles today. When I looked at my watch to get my half split (out and back run), I decided I was going a bit too fast to go longer. Still, I had a stellar run. I even ran negative splits! I can't wait for my half marathon in March. I'm definitely going to go for a PR (sub 1:36).

For the rest of the year: tomorrow is an SRD and Thursday is another 5-6miles. I'm also going to officially revise my goals for 2010.

1. Run 2080 miles (or 40mpw)
2. Sub 3:45 Marathon (PR 3:54)
3. Sub 1:36 Half-Marathon (PR 1:36)
4. Sub 20 5k (PR 18:58)

All of these are personal bests for me except my 5k goal. I haven't trained for a 5k in a long time. Also, the race I'll shoot for the sub 20 is during my marathon training cycle. So I'll be focusing more on endurance then speed. But, if I'm feeling good, I might shoot for a PR. The racer in me might come out that day :)

28 December 2009

Daily Run: Decisions...

Distance: 6 miles
Time: 46:40
Pace: 7:46

Well, I'm starting to think marathonmaiden is right. I'm getting faster/am in better shape than I think I am. Hopefully I can keep up this speed as I build my mileage up. I average 20mpw in November and am at about 30 mpw this month. I'm thinking I need to rework my half training program that peaked at 35 mpw. I may not actually follow a plan. I could just keep building my mileage and throw in some speed work/longer (12-15mi) runs.

Another decision I need to make is when to retire my GT 2140's. I ran in them again today and they felt ok. They are at 370 miles and the treads look fine. Maybe they'll go into semi-retirement and I'll leave them home in Washington to use when I come visit.

I'm also rethinking my mileage goal for next year. In my 2010 goals post, I said I was going to shoot for 1600 miles, which is about 35 mpw. I'm thinking I may change that to 2080 (40 mpw).

27 December 2009

Daily Run: Too Fast

Distance: 4
Time: 29:22
Avg Pace: 7:20

Well, there are two ways of looking at this. One, my adrenaline is high from getting new shoes and I go out faster than I should. Two, I'm in better shape than I think I am. I'd like to think its the second of these but its probably a mix of the two. As per yesterday's post, I went out sub 7:30 for a 10 mile run. That was day one of starting too fast. Then today I did a 4 mile run. My first two splits were 7:14 and 7:07. Again....oops.

26 December 2009

Daily Run/Weekly Total

First, the daily run part. I was going to run in my GT 2140's until the years end and save my new shoes, Nike Lunarglides, until the new year. But the GT's were starting to bug my legs a little more and I was really itching to try out the glides, so I did. Oh, I also wore a new cold weather top I got. Not that its super cold out but mid/upper 20's isn't warm for the pacific northwest. The shoes felt great! Really comfortable and lightweight. So comfortable and lightweight that I went through the first mile in 7:29....oops. Even trying to slow down, my half split was 5 miles @7:39. I had to take a couple small walk breaks during the second half because my legs were dying. I finished in 1:17 42 (7:45 pace). It was easily one of the best 10 mile runs I've had in a long while. This leads to the weekly totals.

Miles: 37.43
Time: 5:00:29
Avg Pace: 8:01
MTD: 112.32
YTD: 855.2

This week was my longest week since the marathon. This month is also my longest since the marathon. Actually, it will be my second longest month this year :)

23 December 2009

Daily Run

Distance: 7.1
Time: 1:02:03
Pace: 8:43

I wanted to get in 8 today but my legs weren't feeling it after yesterday's run. I got my little bro (20) to come out and run the first mile with me. After that, I wandered the streets to find a new 6 mile route. I'm happy with the pace though. I usually run my easy days too fast.

I'm thinking it might be time to retire a pair of my shoes soon. They only have ~360 miles on them. However, they are starting to bug my shins and right knee. The last shoe I had in this series (Asics GT 2110) gave me horrible shin splints and knee problems at the end of there life. Since my GT 2140's are starting to do the same, I'm thinking they'll be retired to lawnmowing shoes at 400 miles.

22 December 2009

Next Year's Goals and other recent running stuff

Well, its been a while since I posted. Last week I was in Pullman with my fiance. Since I was spending time with her, I didn't get much running in. I think the weekly total was around 20miles.

Today's run was awesome. As usual when its below 40* (not really cold but for the PNW its close) I over dressed the top. Still, I managed to hold 8:03 pace for 10.23 miles! I was stoked! That puts me at a little over 830 for the year and 90 for the month(so far).

As 2009 is coming to a close, I have been thinking more and more about next year's goals. I feel comfortable enough with them (i.e. don't think they'll change drastically) that I can now post them.

1. Sub 3:50 Marathon (current PR 3:54:08)
2. Sub 1:35 Half Marathon (current PR 1:36:48)
3. 1600 miles (about 30mpw)

Any thoughts or other possible goals?

12 December 2009

6.12-12.12 Weekly Total

Miles: 29.32
MTD: 57.19
YTD: 800.07

No average time this week. I didn't time all of my runs. Those that I did were sub-8 pace. Its been nice being home again. I can run my old routes and find some new ones. Plus, I have my forerunner again (accidentally left it home over Turkey Day).

This was a crazy week. First I had finals. Then had to pack my things to head home for break. Today I watched my alma mater (University of Montana) win their semi-final game for Division I football. They will play Villanova on Friday for the National Title! After that, I went for my second run of the day. Afterwards, I realized that I cracked my mileage goal for the year! Now I have to pack my things for a trip to visit my fiance in Pullman!

As this year draws to a close, I've been rethinking some of my running goals for next year. I've come a long way since this year started. I'll try and get my goals posted sometime this week. Though, it may take longer than that to finalize them.

07 December 2009

Finals Week Day 1

Only time for a quick post today. T-minus 7 hours until my first final. Time for some cramming!

The run went well. I went to the gym and ran 4mi on the dm with 3@7:13 pace. Big shout out to my friends Bailey and Abby. Abby PR'd @ the vegas half yesterday and Bailey finished her first half in 1:33:09!

05 December 2009

Getting It Done

Well, one day on studying down. Another 44 hours until my first final, which I have to get a B on or retake the class. For the unaware, in grad school, you have to get a B to pass. So I'll be studying that all day tomorrow and most of Monday. Then its out to have a few beers. I'll study for my second final, which is Tuesday afternoon, on Tuesday morning.

Today's run was another awesome one. I went for 10.25 miles @8:13 pace. Didn't think I was moving that fast at all. That's been happening a lot lately. I'm not one to complain but I'm gonna try and slow it down a little while I build my mileage up.

Seeing as I haven't ran further than 7 miles in Portland, I found a new trail for part of my 10 miler today. Its really nice. It runs along the east bank of the Willamette River. The 'trail' is paved and shared by walkers and cyclists. Its not so bad though as its pretty wide. The route still finishes the same as most of my runs, uphill for 0.6 miles to my apartment building. So, today I did my longest run since the marathon in June and completed my longest week since training for the marathon. Since I started my 'comeback' on Nov. 1, this was my fastest week too. The totals are below. For now its back to the books!

Miles: 32.97
Time: 4:17:44
Average Pace: 7:49
MTD: 27.87
YTD: 770.75

04 December 2009

Colder = Faster?

Well, its been a while since I last posted. First, the school front. I'm officially done with classes for the quarter. Now, I have 72 hours to cram for 2 finals. Then I get a 3.5 week break. Well, it should be a break. Two of my profs decided we need homework to do over break. Ah the extra work of grad school.

I guess I'm going to the same starbucks a lot. One of the barista's asked me what I wanted, by my name, when I was several people back in line. Kinda made me feel like I'm where I'm suppose to be. The coffee shop I frequented in Montana didn't even have to ask my order. They'd see me in line and start making it, lol.

I didn't run much the week of thanksgiving. My wonderful fiance came to Portland to visit plus being home for a few days meant I didn't get much running in. I think it was 14 miles or so. Still, the quality time I got with my baby made it all worth it. This week I've been running a lot and faster than I think. Right now I'm sitting around 23 miles under 7:40 pace. Today was especially surprising. After yesterday's run, 6.5@7:40 clip, and the cold weather, 37* @ 1pm, I felt like I was barely moving. Then I finished, went back to my room and calculated my avg pace, 7:30 for a little more than 7 miles. If I can keep this up, or close to it, while I build my mileage, I'd say a PR at my next half marathon is a lock.(current pr 1:36:58, next half 3.21.10)

And on a side note, I'm thinking of running the Missoula Marathon instead of the Portland Marathon. Any thoughts?