12 December 2009

6.12-12.12 Weekly Total

Miles: 29.32
MTD: 57.19
YTD: 800.07

No average time this week. I didn't time all of my runs. Those that I did were sub-8 pace. Its been nice being home again. I can run my old routes and find some new ones. Plus, I have my forerunner again (accidentally left it home over Turkey Day).

This was a crazy week. First I had finals. Then had to pack my things to head home for break. Today I watched my alma mater (University of Montana) win their semi-final game for Division I football. They will play Villanova on Friday for the National Title! After that, I went for my second run of the day. Afterwards, I realized that I cracked my mileage goal for the year! Now I have to pack my things for a trip to visit my fiance in Pullman!

As this year draws to a close, I've been rethinking some of my running goals for next year. I've come a long way since this year started. I'll try and get my goals posted sometime this week. Though, it may take longer than that to finalize them.

1 comment:

  1. one of the best parts of going home / going back to school is the "rediscovery" of runs. they all just feel so new!

    great week of running. i'm impressed that you could find the time to run as much as you did with finals!