15 June 2011


On Sunday, I finished my career as a student. I graduated from Portland State University with my MS in math. Well, let's rewind a little.

My last final was on June 7th. It was for my Modern Algebra class. I should have had this test on lock. However, I completely bombed it. Like, to the point where passing he course was not a sure thing. Not exactly going out the way I wanted to. I walked in the commencement ceremony this past Sunday. I didn't find out until today, when grades came out, that I actually did pass.

I was actually quite surprised to see a grade already. This was the 7th class I had taken from this professor. In the previous courses, the soonest I received a grade was a week late. So I was very excited to see that B- (wow, never thought I'd be happy about a B-).

Running is going ok. I took some time off after my last race so my ankle could heal properly. Its feeling much better and I'm slowly getting my mileage back up. And I still have some speed. Two of my runs this week have been sub-7 minute pace :)

I'm not training for any races right now. Once I know where I'll be living, I may look for a fall marathon. If not that, a spring marathon for sure. There is a local 5k on the Fourth that I may jump into. For now it's just getting the miles in, looking for a job and finishing wedding planning :)