12 August 2012

The Busy Life

Wow, can't believe its been a month since I last posted. Life has been very busy. On top of training and working two jobs, my wife and I are getting ready to move! As you can imagine, this leaves little time for blogging.

Running has been going well. After the Miles for Meso 5k, I decided to do some actual 5k training and see what I could do. Yesterday I ran the Summerfest 5k. The plan was to go out in ~5:30 and see what I could do. Well....I went out waaaaaaaaaay faster than that, 5:00.4! Paid for it in the second mile, 5:57, and came back a little mile 3, 5:44. I'm very happy with the result. I took first place overall (my 3rd win) in a time of 17:34 (a 56 second PR). While I'm stoked to have finally broken 18, I can't help but wonder what time I could have ran if I went out as planned or even at 5:15. Oh well, its time almost time for my next marathon cycle so that will have to wait for next summer.

Sidetrack: for those keeping score, my mile PR is 4:58. Me thinks I'm going to spike-up and run a mile TT this week. I'm betting I can hit sub-4:50.

Back to this marathon thing (you know, the whole reason I write this blog). I'm actually going to be the RD for a marathon next weekend. Its super small (12 registered as of today). Its basically just an August race for local Marathon Maniacs. If all my volunteers show up, I'll run it too (marathon #4 this year). After that, its a few days rest and then jumping into my cycle for the Ghost of Seattle Marathon in November.

That's all for now, folks! Stay tuned for a full review of my Mezamashii Project shoes (my students have their final this week so I'll have more free time to actually post here).

~Run Strong