05 March 2015

New Beginnings

As many times as I step away from this blog, I seem to keep coming back. There is always an adventure to write about. And writing seems to help relieve and stress I may be having. So, here's a new beginning.

This year, at least for the first half, I intend to focus on speed. The only events on my calendar are pacing the 3:30 group at the Whidbey Island Marathon and racing the Tacoma City Half and Tunnel Marathon. I'm hoping for a PR (or close to it) in the half and plan on crushing my marathon PR at Tunnel. I couldn't do it without the support of my amazing wife and the help of my team: PowerBar, Bodhi Massage and Perkins Coaching.

Running wise, the year has been uneventful so far. But I left out a big part of last year. Below is a recap/repost (from FB) of the Seattle Quadzilla.

November 15, 2014:
"Marathon #19 done. Grand Ridge Trail Marathon! Great event. Tough course, lots of friends smile emoticon
If you've been tracking my running this year, you may have noticed a Team Cypher hashtag on all my marathons. Cypher refers to Sarah Cypher. She is an amazing teacher, mother and wife. I had the privilege of being in her AP Calculus class when I was in high school. In fact, she is one of the reasons I became a math teacher.
Last year, she was diagnosed with an incurable form of lung cancer.
Twelve days out from the start of Seattle Quadzilla For the uninitiated, thats four marathons in four days. Sarah, every mile of those races will be run for you. Thank you for everything. I love you!"

November 30, 2014:
"About two weeks ago, I posted that I would be running the Quadzilla for one of the biggest inspirations I've had in my life. While I never told her, I looked to her as a mentor. She is one of four people who motivated me to become a teacher and to care about my students. Two days after my post, Sarah lost her battle with cancer.
On day one, I lost it shortly after finishing. I cried outside my car as I got warm clothes on.
When the weather turned on me day 2 (rain/wind) and day 3 (snow/wind), thinking of her kept me going.
Day 4 was just about finishing. It was about honoring someone taken from this earth too soon.
I won't try to name everyone because there at too many. But those who ran with me, cheered for me or supported me in anyway this weekend, thank you.
I placed 2nd overall for the series, for Sarah."