28 February 2014

23 February 2014

Week 7

Very happy with this week! Solid week and a crazy strong weekend to give me a new weekly mileage PR.

Monday- Rest Day
Tuesday- 10 miles (7:19)
Wednesday- am: 10.43 miles (7:59), pm: 5.41 miles (9:01)
Thursday: Rest Day
Friday: 12 miles, progression run from 8:34 to 5:48 (7:23)
Saturday: 20 miles, solo 5 @ 7:05, plus 15 coaching (8:29)
Sunday: 20 miles, last 4 cut down from 7:30 to 6:40

Total: 77.84 miles (8:05)

I also found out I was selected to be a member of Powerbar Team Elite! This is my very first sponsorship and I'm very excited to be working with them! They are a great company with great product that I've been using since my 4th marathon.

I have to brag a little about my training group too. They are just finishing their sixth week of training for a half or full marathon. They are blowing me out of the water with their strength! Wednesday night they had a set of 4x800 to run and everyone of them exceeded my expectations. Then they crushed their long run yesterday on a hillier course than we usually run. Can't wait until these athletes get to race in May!

MTD: 228.4
YTD: 510.4

18 February 2014

Week 6

Monday- Rest
Tuesday- 10 miles (7:11)
Wednesday- am: 11 miles (8:04), pm: 6.25 miles (8:30)
Thursday- Rest
Friday- 10.33 miles (8:11) incl 4 @ 6:22
Saturday- 30 miles (8:35), last 6 @7:3x
Sunday- Rest

Total: 68.8 miles (8:12)

Solid week. Took an extra rest day this weekend as I took my wife away for a few days and didn't want to interrupt our time together. Planning on 75-80 miles for the current week.

09 February 2014

Week 5

Nothing too fantastic this week. Missed my LR this morning due to weather/being out late last night. Total of 50 miles. I did manage to get in a solid tempo run Friday (8 miles @ 6:23). Going to rest well today and hit it hard next week.

02 February 2014

Week 4

Quick post (its half time so I can actually focus for a few minutes). Small cut back in miles, higher intensity. Finished off the week with a solid LR this morning.

Monday- Rest
Tuesday- 10 miles (7:15)
Wednesday- am: 10.07 miles (8:31) pm: 6.02 miles with hill repeats (8:41)
Thursday- Rest
Friday- 10 miles (4 warmup/cool down @ 7:30, 6 tempo @ 6:27)
Saturday: 12 miles (8:10)
Sunday: 20 miles (7:28)

Total: 68.1 miles (7:44)

Back to the game! Go Hawks!