28 December 2009

Daily Run: Decisions...

Distance: 6 miles
Time: 46:40
Pace: 7:46

Well, I'm starting to think marathonmaiden is right. I'm getting faster/am in better shape than I think I am. Hopefully I can keep up this speed as I build my mileage up. I average 20mpw in November and am at about 30 mpw this month. I'm thinking I need to rework my half training program that peaked at 35 mpw. I may not actually follow a plan. I could just keep building my mileage and throw in some speed work/longer (12-15mi) runs.

Another decision I need to make is when to retire my GT 2140's. I ran in them again today and they felt ok. They are at 370 miles and the treads look fine. Maybe they'll go into semi-retirement and I'll leave them home in Washington to use when I come visit.

I'm also rethinking my mileage goal for next year. In my 2010 goals post, I said I was going to shoot for 1600 miles, which is about 35 mpw. I'm thinking I may change that to 2080 (40 mpw).

1 comment:

  1. dude you totally are getting faster -- duh :)

    i have shoes that are "semi-retired" too. like old running shoes that are now lifting/xt. still good but not the best for running