23 December 2009

Daily Run

Distance: 7.1
Time: 1:02:03
Pace: 8:43

I wanted to get in 8 today but my legs weren't feeling it after yesterday's run. I got my little bro (20) to come out and run the first mile with me. After that, I wandered the streets to find a new 6 mile route. I'm happy with the pace though. I usually run my easy days too fast.

I'm thinking it might be time to retire a pair of my shoes soon. They only have ~360 miles on them. However, they are starting to bug my shins and right knee. The last shoe I had in this series (Asics GT 2110) gave me horrible shin splints and knee problems at the end of there life. Since my GT 2140's are starting to do the same, I'm thinking they'll be retired to lawnmowing shoes at 400 miles.

1 comment:

  1. i usually run my easy days too hard/fast too. i just had to replace my shoes too because i could feel shin splints or something coming on. so hard to part with them though!