04 December 2009

Colder = Faster?

Well, its been a while since I last posted. First, the school front. I'm officially done with classes for the quarter. Now, I have 72 hours to cram for 2 finals. Then I get a 3.5 week break. Well, it should be a break. Two of my profs decided we need homework to do over break. Ah the extra work of grad school.

I guess I'm going to the same starbucks a lot. One of the barista's asked me what I wanted, by my name, when I was several people back in line. Kinda made me feel like I'm where I'm suppose to be. The coffee shop I frequented in Montana didn't even have to ask my order. They'd see me in line and start making it, lol.

I didn't run much the week of thanksgiving. My wonderful fiance came to Portland to visit plus being home for a few days meant I didn't get much running in. I think it was 14 miles or so. Still, the quality time I got with my baby made it all worth it. This week I've been running a lot and faster than I think. Right now I'm sitting around 23 miles under 7:40 pace. Today was especially surprising. After yesterday's run, 6.5@7:40 clip, and the cold weather, 37* @ 1pm, I felt like I was barely moving. Then I finished, went back to my room and calculated my avg pace, 7:30 for a little more than 7 miles. If I can keep this up, or close to it, while I build my mileage, I'd say a PR at my next half marathon is a lock.(current pr 1:36:58, next half 3.21.10)

And on a side note, I'm thinking of running the Missoula Marathon instead of the Portland Marathon. Any thoughts?

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  1. the cold usually makes me go faster too. i think it's because i want to get back into my nice warm room!

    good luck with all your finals. the last week of classes is next week for me then i get to go through the cramming haha. and gross about getting work over break!