27 January 2010

The Day After

Before I start today's post, I'll finish yesterday's. The run went great! I woke up early to eat a bannana and yogurt before I ran. When I was training for my debut marathon, I didn't bring water with me on a run unless it was 17+miles. Well, seeing as my wonderful fiance bought me the Nathan Speed 2 belt, I thought I'd bring it with me. It worked great! I love having it with me. I think that's part of why I ran as well as I did.

I didn't want to run it fast but I wanted it to be quicker than a recovery run. Since I don't have a 23km route mapped out, I switched my Garmin to read km and just turned around at 11.5 km. Let me tell you, switching the Garmin to km is a great way to trick yourself into running slower. Ignoring the units, when I glanced at the watch to see how far I ran, it looked like I was running 5:10 per mile (really it was 5:10 per km)! So you sort of think you are moving really fast, but you're actually holding a steady pace. I got to the 11.5 km turn around in 1:00:20. Then I picked it up and finished in 1:57:56.

As for today, I got in a nice 5 mile recovery run @9:00 pace. Ususally, I run on a regular treadmill (read not the new fancy touchscreen controlled ones that double as a tv). So I have to stick to the 30 minute rule. Today, I decided to run on one of the new ones. One thing I didn't notice (at least, I don't remember noticing) is that you can "hide" the data fields so they don't obstruct the view of whatever tv show you are watching. I found a way around the system :)

School is getting easier and harder at the same time. My algebra courses are moving so slow that you can skip one day a week and not miss anything. And we only meet two days a week! That being said, differential equations is starting to kick my butt. Luckily, we are getting to some material that I have studied before.

Also, I finally got a copy of Advanced Marathoning. It should be a good read and help when I start training for Portland. After a bried look at the plans, I can't decide if I want to do the 18/55 or the 12/55. If I keep up what I'm running now (with a recovery week after my half) I'll have near 5 months of 40+mpw. So I could probably get away with the 12/55. Any thoughts? (FYI, the plan I'm doing for my half is a self-designed 8/52)

Oh, I think I'll be looking for new shoes soon. After this weekend my GT's will be over 400 miles and my Waveriders are starting to wear out early (around 300 miles). Hopefully they will last until 400 miles as well. If not, I may be looking at some new kicks around March 1st.

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  1. great run again. hope youre able to celebrate your bday this weekend like i did. ie) multiple days of drinking hahah

    and i think you'll be okay with the 12 week plan. you definitely have a ton of fitness/base already so i don't think the extra 6 weeks are necessary. unless youre chomping at the bit (like me) to start training