13 January 2010

Daily Run: Going Through the Motions

Distance: 6 miles
Time: 52:xx

Before getting to today's run. Yesterday was suppose to be an SRD. I decided I'm going to run 6 days per week instead of 5. At least while I am training for my half marathon. So I did an easy 3 on the dm.

Today, I went back to the gym for another run on the dm. Since I woke up a bit later, the gym was busier. So, I had to stick to the 30 min rule. I had originally planned on running an even paced 7. I did the first 3.5 in 27:29. Then I walked a lap around the track, drank some water and hopped on another treadmill. Well, this time, my legs didn't have it. Had I been able to just stay on one treadmill, I would have been able to tough it out. But that little walk break told my legs to quit working. I managed to slog out 2.5 before I had to stop. I'm still happy with it. I mean, it wasn't as far or as fast as I would have liked but I still ran almost 30 miles in the last 4 days. I'm glad tomorrow is a rest day. Should leave my legs fresh for this weekend.

Now for the school part. Things are actually going well. My algebra courses are super easy. Although, we are getting to some new material in Abstract Algebra. So that might get harder. Diff Eq is new material, but I find it easier than last quarter's material. I understand it so much better that I'm actually done with my homework due on Friday. Usually I don't finish it until Thursday. I mean, I still have to type it up (ugh) but the problems are all worked out.

I also have about 2 months to prepare for my comprehensive exams. For those who don't know, in the math program here (and at most other schools) a Master's student must pass two comprehensive exams to receive his or her degree (3 exams for Doctoral students). To add even more pressure, you can only take each exam twice and they are only offered twice each year. Did I mention you still have to write a thesis? Speaking of which, I need to decide what area/prof I want to work with and start looking at topics. I'm thinking I need to start studying this week. Then I'll worry about my thesis later this quarter. Off to type up that diff eq homework!

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  1. i hate having to break up my workout like that. i had to do it yesterday: intervals on one tm then switch to another for my hills. maybe that's part of why the hills were so tough?

    whew! sounds like school is buckling down for the hard stuff. good luck with all that!!