10 January 2010

Daily Run: Longest Since the Marathon

Distance: 13.5
Time: 1:44:34
Pace: 7:44

Well, another day of running that I am very happy with. This morning I intended to do an untimed 10 mile run. I decided to wear a watch to have a time, but didn't want to know my pace. So I left the forerunner in my room and grabbed my regular old watch. The run started out good. It always does since its down hill.

Despite my overall pace, I felt like I was crawling. Probably because my last run was sub-7 pace. Still, I figured I was running 8:00-8:10, which I was happy with. When I got to my turn around point, I felt good so I just kept going. I kept going until the trail was closed (it went under an overpass that was having work done on it). My halfway split was 52:04.

I tried to keep a steady pace for the rest of the run. I felt like I had horrible form but still felt strong (oddly). Then, with about a mile and a half to go, I crossed paths with another runner who said "Looking smooth". I don't know if he was saying it because I really did look smooth or because he thought I needed a little encouragement. Eitherway, it definitely helped. I finished the second half in 52:30.

On a side note, it was one of my best runs in my WaveRiders. Lately, all of my awesome runs have been in my LunarGlides. Speaking of which: I haven't seen many people running in them. Until today. Santa must have stock in Nike or something because I saw at least 2 dozen pairs of LunarGlides on the trail.

I've decided I'm not going to follow any training plan for my half in March. I'm just going to keep building my mileage and throw in a speedwork day once a week. As for tomorrow, I'm thinking an easy 5.

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  1. really nice pacing! and i love how you called it "pulling a pb" on rw this morning haha :)