28 February 2010

Double PR

Distance: 14 miles
Time: 1:56:24
Pace: 8:18

Today's run had its ups and downs. First a down: getting out the door 30 minutes late. Up: great first 9 miles. Down: Miles 9-11 were really bad because I had to use the restroom...and not the one thats easy to hold in. Up: The last 3 miles were sub 8:10 pace. Still, I'm happy with the run.

Today's run also capped off two personal mileage records for me. First, I ran 50 miles this week! Second, 175.5 miles for the month! Next week is scheduled to be a 52 mile week but the month of March will definitely be below 170 since I'll be doing a mini taper for my half on the 21st.

Speaking of racing, I caved in and bought a pair of racing shoes. I bought the Nike Lunaracer2. They are suppose to arrive here on Wednesday. I'm thinking I'll run my Thursday recovery run and my next LR in them to break 'em in a little before the race. Then I'll try and only use them for racing but will probably wear them for a tempo run every now and then. Now its back to the daily grind: homework, projects and groceries!

1 comment:

  1. bummer about the bathroom issues. those are the worst. but you definitely were able to come out of it with a great run.

    and congrats on the 50 miles this week and the monthly mileage! very impressive since february is such a short month