16 February 2010

Accidentally Tempo

Distance: 5 miles
Time: 35:25
Avg Pace: 7:05

Well, today was suppose to be an easy 5 before tomorrows intervals. After a few days off and the beautiful weather (sunny mid 50's), I couldn't help but run fast. I think I'll still hit up my intervals tomorrow and just make my Friday run an easy run instead of a tempo.

The run felt really good. The first mile or so I was just cruisin'. Probably somewhere around 7:20 pace. Then I picked it up a bit for the rest of the run. Surprisingly, it was fairly well paced. I finished with a 5 second negative split. I'll take it any day of the week.

On the living situation front, I only have to deal with my suitemates cooking at 11:00 at night and playing guitar at 10:00 at night for another few days. I got a transfer to a different building for later this week. It should be awesome. Single room, private (read MINE) kitchenette and bathroom.

School is going well. I'm about caught up with homework for both of my algebra classes. I really need to do some more work on my abstract algebra project and study for the comprehensive exams. Yesterday I was able to register for most of my credits for next quarter, Math 543: Abstract Algebra III and Physics 262: General Astronomy. I love that I can take a 200-level class as a grad student! The only credits I haven't signed up for are my research credits. I need to find an advisor and have him fill out a form. Then the dept chair has to sign it and send it to the registrar. Hopefully, that will only take a week or so. Off to my last class!

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  1. hahah accidental :) i wish the weather was nice enough here to spontaneously go hard!

    glad your roommate situation is going to improve soon. having a bad living situation is the worst