18 February 2010

Easy Day Extended

Distance: 7 miles
Time: 1:01:02
Avg Pace: 8:43

Today was another beautiful day! So nice that my 5 mile recovery run turned into a 7 mile run. That being said, I could definitely feel the consecutive speed work days in my legs. They felt heavy and a little sluggish. Nothing a little sun and shorter stride couldn't cure :)

School is slowly starting to pile up again. I really need to start doing more research for my abstract algebra project (classifying groups of order 2p) and I really, really need to start studying for the comprehensive exams. I've got about 5 weeks before the first one. Before either of those, I need to finish my diff eq homework for tomorrow...and pack some things for my room/building transfer. Oh, we got our linear midterms back today and I got an A! Time to go make some dinner!

1 comment:

  1. woot for the A on the mid-term! can you send some of that beautiful weather my way?! i want to run in really nice stuff too.

    hope school doesn't get too crazy. but i guess that's just the nature of the beast.