21 February 2010

New Apartment, Sunshine and Long Runs

Yesterday was insane! I got up early to run 6 miles. After that, I started moving my things into my new, unfurnished apartment. Its technically a dorm still, but I live in a studio apartment. Its just university owned/on campus. My folks and siblings came down from Washington to help.

After getting everything moved in, we had to get furniture. So after lunch, we spent 8 hours buying, moving and putting together furniture. Now everything is unpacked and set up and I am so much happier than I was in my other room.

Once again, I ran in the afternoon to enjoy the warmth of the sun. Sadly, the forecast says rain everyday this week after Monday. Here are today's stats:

Distance: 13 miles
Time: 1:38:42
Pace: 7:36

I was super happy with this run. When I went out, I told myself I'd be happy with 8 minute miles. I ran easy until I got to the river. Then I just ran at a comfortable pace. Once I heard the "beep" of my forerunner I glanced to see my split of 7:58. Good, right on pace. "Beep", 8:04. "Beep", 7:40. What? The next few miles got progressively faster. I definitely ran a negative split, just not sure how big since I didn't hit the lap button at the turnaround. My fastest mile was mile 12, 7:19.

Being a month out from a goal race, I am very happy with this time. Knowing that I can comfortably run the race distance at goal pace +16sec makes me more confidant in my abilities. Now, if only I could do my homework as fast as I can run :p


  1. 8 hours of moving and buying furniture sounds like hell. but being 100% unpacked is such a great feeling. yay!

    and awesome run. total confidence booster for sure :)

    and i agree: i wish i could do my hw that fast too!

  2. Great run! I love when I surprise myself like that ;)