10 February 2010

Midweek Madness

Distance: 7 miles
Time: 51:10
Pace: 7:18

Today was suppose to be the second double of the week. However, the wonderful (read annoying) guys who I share the kitchen with decided to start cooking when I usually go to bed. So, I didn't get to sleep until after midnight. That, of course, spilled over to this morning. I slept in much longer than I wanted to. So I didn't get in my 4 miler this morning. I'll just make up the miles tomorrow by changing my easy 3 to an easy 7.

Anyway, by the time I got to the gym this afternoon I was ready to run hard. I jumped on the treadmill and cruised the first mile in 8:10 or so. By the time I got to mile 3, I was clocking 7:19's. The last two miles were both sub-7, the last being 6:3x!

Now, I'm going to try and get ahead in my algebra classes so I can have more time for my baby this weekend. I haven't seen her for over a month and I'm going crazy! I can't wait until she gets here Friday morning!

1 comment:

  1. annoying about your kitchenmates. the girls who live next door to me like to slam their door at odd hours in the morning so i feel your pain!

    great tm session!! you totally were on your game today