03 February 2010

January Recap & Fast February

Short recap of January. Life got in the way of running on the 31st so I missed my LR. Still, I finished the month off with 158 miles. Not my record but definitely in my top 5 months.

I had an SRD on Monday and an easy 4 yesterday. Today, my schedule called for 8 miles including 3x2 miles at goal HMP. That should have meant 7:20 pace or 14:40 per repeat. Well, you know me and indoor tracks. After a half mile warm up, I clocked 13:45 for the first repeat. The next two were slower, but not by much, 13:47 and 13:50. I took an 800m recovery jog between repeats and finished with a half mile cool down. So, I ended up averaging around 6:54 pace. I'm happy with the run, but wish I was closer to my goal pace instead of faster. I'm ok with faster for a tempo run but really want to hone in my pace.

As usual, life and grad school are kicking my butt. Though, I was able to fight back this week. I'm already done with this weeks diff eq assignment! Now, if my algebra would do itself I could relax until the weekend.

1 comment:

  1. great january. and man you are smoking fast! any chance that it's mental and that youre faster than you think and therefore under-performing off the indoor track?

    and i soooooo feel you with having my butt kicked by school. not enough hours in the day!!

    and i have some theories about LOST. probably not even close to right though haha