02 March 2010

Peak Week: Day 1

Distance: 6 miles
Time: 46:19
Pace: 7:43

Just a quick post today. As the headline says, this is day one of my peak week. I'll hit 52 miles this week, then do a mini taper for my half marathon on the 21st. I went to the gym between classes to bang out my run. Since last week was my first 50 mile week and I had two great speed workouts, I think I'm going to forgo tomorrow's intervals and focus on getting in a solid tempo on Friday and hitting some goal pace miles in my long run this weekend. The run felt ok. The pace felt easy. Toward the end of the run, my right knee started to ache a little. I'm hoping that will dissappear soon. Now its off to take my abstract algebra midterm and then get some drinks!

1 comment:

  1. hope the knee ache is very temporary. as in will disappear now. enjoy the drinks tonight!