03 March 2010

Inadvertent Timetrial

Distance: 10 miles
Time: 1:12:40
Pace: 7:15

Today has been an interesting but awesome day. First, I woke up at 7. Odd, since my alarm goes off at 6. Turns out I didn't set it last night. So my run was getting pushed to the afternoon yet again. The forecast had rain in the afternoon...great. Turns out, it didn't rain. When I got out of class, I checked my email while getting ready for my run. I had a message that I got a package. Knowing what it was I went to get it before my run. My Nike LunaRacer+ 2's came in! They were much lighter than I thought. It almost felt like I was wearing track spikes! I decided to take them on a 10 miler right out of the box.

I'm not sure if it was because the first .75 miles of the run were downhill or the adrenaline of getting new kicks, but my first mile split was 6:36! Now, I wanted to run fast today but not that fast. I was going to shoot for sub 7:20's, a little quicker than GHMP. I tried to settle into a comfortable rythm, thinking that would be the right pace. Mile 2 went in 6:39! "Ok, I can't do this for another 8 miles" I thought. I decided to just drop the hammer and see what kind of 5k time I could pull out of this. Sort of turning the run into a time trial. The third mile was a 6:16 giving me a 5k time of 20:04! I was super stoked! One of my goals for this year is a sub-20 5k. I think I may have to change that to a sub-19, which would be a PR.

I still wanted to get in 10 miles so I trotted a few at 8:00 pace before picking it up a little. So the second half of the run was 6.9miles @ 7:37 pace.

As far as the shoes go, I love them. They felt great. Only one small blister and a scrapped heal, nothing that can't be fixed by wearing socks next time :p I was like a kid at Christmas, just wanting to play with my new toys and forgot to put socks on. I'll do a more extensive review of them after I've run the half in them later this month.


  1. wow you are going to smash a sub-20! when's the next 5k for you?

    and i love getting new shoes. granted i tend to never buy new ones but i still love slipping into a brand new pair when i do

  2. My next 5k is in June...I may have to look for an April race.