17 March 2010

Finals Week Roller Coaster

This has been one hell of a week...and its only half over. Monday I had a nice rest day. The majority of it was spent studying for my abstract algebra final and putting the finishing touches on my paper on "The Classification of Groups of Order 2p". Somewhere in there I managed to get in a little yoga.

Tuesday I got in a decent 5 mile run somewhere around 8:00 pace. Then I got my ass handed to me (well, half handed to me) on my abstract final. Then I had a great time at my favorite bar, the Cheerful Tortoise.

I spent this morning working on my presentation that goes along with the paper. Then I studied for about 3 hours for my linear algebra final. I felt really good while I was studying. I was able to make connections to other classes and see a few results that were not written out in the text.

My run this afternoon was freakin' awesome! The skies were and still are clear. It was in the mid 50's during the run. I did about a mile warm up before hitting my tempo. I clocked a 6:24 for the first mile. I thought that would be a little bit too fast. I was wrong. Somehow, I managed to hold 6:37 pace for the tempo portion, 5 miles (5.12 to be specific). I ended with a mile cool down, bringing my total to 7 miles. It was almost perfectly even pace, 16:58 for the first half and 16:59 for the second half.

After being sick last week, only getting in 20 miles...I was really questioning my PR attempt this weekend. I thought I'd lost too much fitness. I really needed today's run to boost my confidence back up. For now its back to studying.

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  1. glad you got the confidence booster! sounds like it was an amazing run. hopefully i can channel some of that for my tempo tmrw :)