31 March 2010

Monthly Recap/Busy Week

First, today's stats:

Distance: 6miles
Time: 46:11
Pace: 7:41

We actually had a sun break this morning so I did my run along the river instead of the treadmill at the gym. I ran faster than I wanted to but I'm glad I did it. The run was much better than any treadmill run. Since I'm back to building a base for the next 9 weeks, I'm trying to slow down a bit.

This month was my shortest one of the year. I only got in 112 miles. I'll tack it up to my mini taper for the half and missing 8 days from being sick (two different occasions). Hopefully I'll be back in the 160-180 range next month. For the year I'm around 440 miles. That's a little short of being on track of my goal (2000 miles) but I'm not worried since I still have a marathon training cycle to go through.

This week has been crazy. Monday morning I had my comp exam in Algebra. I met with my advisor Tuesday about narrowing down my research topic. I've also been studying like crazy for my Diff Eq comp exam on Friday. Plus my usual class and homework. And today I found out I needed to sign up for another class to keep my financial aid (I was at 8 credits, needed 9 to be a full time grad student). So, I signed up for yoga :) Oh, the one thing that is really bugging me is my grade for abstract algebra last quarter. Its bugging me because I DON'T have it. We have started the spring quarter and my prof hasn't submitted his grades from winter quarter yet!

Well, back to the books!

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  1. ugh so annoying about the professor. i hate it when profs aren't on top of their game because they obviously expect you to me. sooo annoying for sure.

    no worries about march being a lower month. the year is still young and youll ramp it up no problem :)