02 April 2010

So Much For Slowing Down

Distance: 5 miles
Time: 38:55
Pace: 7:47

Well, I was going to slow down but was a little pressed for time today. I got a suprise text from my aunt. Her, my uncle and my cousins were in town and wanted to get together. So, I did a mini speed workout.

1 mile warm up
1 mile @6:45-6:50
1 mile @8:00
1 mile @6:35-6:40
1 mile cool down

I was a little surprised at my fast miles. I thought they'd be around 7 minutes. It was only my third run since my half since that silly cold kept me down and out for a week. Plus, my hamstrings were super tight when I woke up this morning.

That being said, today was awesome. I destroyed my Ordinary Differential Equations comp exam this morning. We were suppose to do 6 problems. I did 7, 5 of which I'm 98% sure are right. So, I'm going to go ahead and say I passed that one. I'll have to wait for official results though. I have a hunch that I didn't pass the algebra comp that I took on Monday. If not, I'll retake it in the fall.

Afterwards, I cranked out my run on the DM at the gym. Then had a beer at the bar with a good friend. She was unsure about the whole grad school thing but is sticking it out for at least another quarter. That makes me happy because she is one of 5 people I know in my program. Finally, some pizza with my family.

Now I have to go finish my laundry and read a paper on "Generating a Finite Group by Nilpotent Subgroups".

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  1. wow those are some serious miles. sounds like an overall great day. well maybe not the paper haha, i got to read a physics one of teleportation this week ;)