24 April 2010

Unplanned Tempo

Total Distance: 7 miles
Tempo: 5 miles
Time: 34:34
Pace: 6:55

Seeing as today is the day before my LR, I was just going to go out and cruise my run today. Once I got to the river trail (about .7 miles from my apartment), I noticed an unusual number of runners out...like hundreds. The thing is, none of them had timing chips or race numbers. Turns out March of Dimes was today. So, like always, I inadvertantly sped up while weaving through traffic. When I checked my watch at the two mile marker and saw that it was at 13:xx, I decided to make the run a tempo. It felt surprisingly easy. I was pushing a little bit but I had some left in the tank. I decided to cap off the tempo portion once the crowd's disappeared. I finished off with an easy 2 mile cool down.

I should finish the week off at 42 miles. My longest since my half in March. Next week will be a cut back week of sorts. I'm only base training so its not really a cut back but I'll only be in the low to mid 30's.

On Thursday I will be driving 6 hours to spend the weekend with my fiance at her university :) It feels like its been forever since we were together even though its only been a little over a month. But we did set a date for the wedding in that month so maybe thats adding to it.

I'm going to start ending my posts with running quotes that I like (until I run out of them). The first is one of my favorites, from a guy who volunteered with the distance runners of my hs track team my junior year.
"Tough times don't last but tough people do" ~Julian

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  1. way to get that tempo done even though it was unplanned. running fast when youre not expecting it is so much fun!

    and congrats on picking a date!