07 May 2010

Busy Life

Distance: 10 miles
Time: 1:18:29
Pace: 7:51

Today's run was great. It felt easy and the weather was beautiful. I just wish I had brought more water with me. I grabbed one of the 10oz bottles from my Nathan speedbelt but that wasn't quite enough. Good thing there are drinking fountains along the trail.

I haven't posted in a while because life=busy! Things are a little slower this weekend. Meaning I only have 1 class to do work for, abstract algebra. Though, I have problems and a project to be working on. I'm hoping I can get some progress made on my 501 research (for my thesis). I managed to get in 147 miles in April. Not quite the 160 I was shooting for but better than what I ran in March. I'm hoping to set a monthly PR in May, shooting for something between 180 and 190 (PR is 175 from Feb '10).

Well, I heart coffee so I'm going to Starbucks. They have 1/2 price fraps from 3-5pm from now until the 16th!

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  1. it's that crazy time of year! but there's nothing better than amazing weather and a fast run :)