21 May 2010

Getting back to it

Its been some time since I posted. I had a minor injury. I thought it might have been a stress fracture seeing as the pain was high up on my tibia and localized. The doc said if it was any higher he'd have been worried about my knee. As it was, he didn't think it was a stress fracture. So, he put me on an anti-inflammatory and said to play it by ear. Not wanting to risk anything, I took a week off after the appointment. So its been 9 days or so since my last run.

Today I went to the gym and got in 4 miles on the track. It felt good to run again. Plus, no pain before, during or after! Yay! Going to take a rest day tomorrow, just to make sure I don't jump back too fast and get hurt again.

School has been rediculously busy. I have two more weeks of class. That includes two midterms (don't know how I have midterms this late in the quarter), at least 4 assignments and an 8 page paper/20 minute presentation on the basic properties of group rings/group algebras. Thankfully, as soon as thats over, my baby will be here during finals week!

Back to the books!

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  1. glad to hear that it's not a stress fracture! smart call about taking time off and easing back into it. but yay for a pain free run.

    good luck with the final push to finals. you're almost there! hold on!