23 May 2010

Crazy Busy

Distance: 6 miles
Time: 53:00
Pace: 8:50

I found time to run around 1 today. Went to the gym and hit up the DM for an easy 6 miler. Plan on sneaking out for a 7 miler in the morning.

So, my algebra prof finally gave me the details of my graduate project (not thesis, just for his class) on Thursday. I've got 2 weeks from that date to have a paper finished and a 20 minute presentation ready. The problem is I can't even prove the examples that are suppose to appear in both let alone the real substaintial material. Needless to say I am going to be insanely busy as this is extra to all my regular course work and thesis research. Oh, did I mention all the other grad students in the class got their details 2 weeks before me? Such is my life.

If I have time to post this week, it will probably just be fly-by posts.


  1. glad you found the time to get out and run. major frustration with the project! good luck man. hope you can keep running as some stress relief

  2. Just thinking about your projects and thesis makes my head want to explode! Poor you! Hope you can get in some running. The homestretch of grad school is the pits--you're so tired and it seems like it will never end. Keep plugging-it will be finished soon!

    lit chick