31 May 2010

Two More Weeks

Two more weeks of hell. I have not ran since my last post! Really upsets me but I've been insanely busy with school stuff and life in general.

Lets start back about a week ago. I stayed up and watched the LOST finalle. My stomach felt a little upset but nothing horrible. I tried to lay down and sleep at midnight. Fast forward 2.5 hours and I'm still not asleep plus I am now throwing up :( In all I got like 1.5 hours of sleep that night and was sick abour 4 times. I'm not ashamed to admit I'm a momma's boy. Being as sick as I was, I convinced my brother and dad to drive down to Portland and take me home for a few days. I basically layed on the couch at my parents' house for a few days before coming back to Portland on Wednesday.

The next day, I had a meeting with my advisor. Needless to say, being sick and having had a take home exam in Adv. Number Theory, I had no work for her. This week is different. I actually have a small proof to show her.

Now I'm really focusing on my project for Abstract Algebra III. I've got about 5 pages right now and still need to add a proof, an example and a discussion of a theorem. I'm pretty sure he's getting a mini novel from me. I have a meeting with him tomorrow to discuss my progress since we are suppose to be ready to present on Thursday. Clearly, I will not be. Unless he gives me some magic key to my missing proof.

Other than that I've got 2 maybe 3 regular homework assignments and 2 finals before I'm home free. Well....thats all the school work I have. I live in university housing so I need to pack up and find a storage place for all my things for the summer.

This past weekend was amazing! Friday night, I didn't feel like cooking so I walked down the street to get some McD's. I walk back to my building and get in the elevator. Now, since the school is in downtown Portland, you need an access card to use the elevator (so no weird people randomly walk the halls of the residence building). Usually, one person will just ask everyone else what floor and hit the button for them. I hear a girl say she doesn't live here but she's going to the 10th floor. Thats my floor. I look up and see my fiancee! I had no idea she was coming! She decided to surprise me since I was super stressed and hadn't seen her in a month! We spent the weekend together, mostly me working and her being the amazing woman she is taking care of me. Today I took a break from work to relax and spend as much time with her as I could before she left...an hour and a half ago. As sad as I was to see her leave, I'm happy because she'll be back next Monday! She just needs to pack her clothes and head back to our hometown for the summer (from her grad school) and then she is coming back!

Wow, I think this is my longest/only post that didn't involve any running. Hopefully I'll get in some runs this week as training for the Portland Marathon starts next week!

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  1. perfect time to be sick right? haha. awesome that your fiancee came to visit you. soooo sweet :)