03 April 2010

Getting Better

Distance: 7 miles
Time: 59:53
Pace: 8:33

Another run on the dreadmill. I'm happy with today's pace. My hamstrings were not as tight this morning but I still wanted to slow down a bit.

I have officially signed up for the Portland Marathon. Initially I was going to try and run sub 3:45. Then I went and ran a 1:31:52 half. So, right now I'm thinking these will be my goals:

A-goal: Sub 3:20
B-goal: Sub 3:30
C-goal: PR

On Monday I'll start my second week of a 10 week base building plan I drew up. It has me running about 165 miles this month and 211 in May. Then on June 7th, I'll start Pfitz 18/55.

Short post today, time to go do some Number Theory homework.

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