07 April 2010

Base Training Plan

First a quick note about today's run and grad school life.

Distance: 7 miles
Time: 51:22
Pace: 7:20

I said a few posts ago that I was not going to do speed work or tempo runs during my base training. Well...this one wasn't on purpose. I had just finished watching a replay of the 2009 Ironman World Championships. So, my adrenaline was a up and once I started the run, I felt really good. I didn't realize how fast I was going until I saw my first mile split of 7:07!

My classes are going well so far. I'm only taking 2 (3 if you count yoga) classes this term: Abstract Algebra III and Advanced Number Theory. My research is going well. I've chosen a paper for the basis of my study and am currently in the stage of reading it for terminology (definition and theorems). After that, I'll read it again to try and follow the proofs. That should take about half the quarter. I finally got my grade for Abstract Algebra II (grades were due 2 weeks ago, just got it yesterday). I got a B in the class so I was happy. Grad students need at least a B- to pass. I also found out that the Algebra Comprehensive Exam has been evaluated. I will find out if I passed or not tomorrow when I meet with my advisor.

I am in the middle of week two of base training. The plan I drew up (below) will take me through the quarter. Then I will start Pfitz 18/55 during finals week. Any thoughts on the base plan?
(Note: R=rest day)

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  1. haha to not doing speed stuff. i get like that too, during the olympics no matter what event i go out hard because i'm pumped. i would have done it too with the final 4 but sadly no running :(

    and i think your plan looks really good except that it might be too easy or boring for you? i know that it's a base but it just seems pretty repetitive each week in general.