05 April 2010

Quick Update

I was able to get in a nice slow 10 miles before my family came over for Easter yesterday. The run didn't feel hard but I was definitely tired afterwards.

Today, after the 3 hour drive back to Portland, I got in a solid 5 miler.

Distance: 5 miles
Time: 37:10
Pace: 7:25

My average pace was probably a little quick for being in base building mode. But...I was feeling really good so I just went with it. The last half mile was @ 6:00 pace! I really want to find a 5k to run so I can knock that 20:00 time off of my goals for the year. Alas, grad school doesn't leave a lot of time for racing.

I'll end this post with a frustration and a joy. Frustration: my prof still hasn't posted grades from last quarter. They were due 2 weeks ago and we're in the second week of spring quarter. Joy: in 10 short weeks, I'll be on summer vacation which means I get to spend more time with my love :)

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