09 April 2010

Bad News = Good Run

Distance: 10 miles
Time: 1:13:55
Pace: 7:23

So much for slow. I'm just going to listen to my body and slow down when I'm tired. Yesterday I met with my advisor...sort of. She forgot about the meeting so we only talked for a few minutes. Turns out my hunch was right, I failed my comp exam in algebra :( I get one more shot at passing it in the fall so guess what I'm doing this summer.

That being said, I had a great run this morning. I wanted to run yesterday (after the meeting) but didn't have time to. So this morning, I ate, did laundry and watched Without Limits. Great movie if you haven't seen it. Being inspired and flustered/upset about the exam, I took off the first mile. Like 6:20 took off. I pulled back a lot the next 8 miles before hammering it home in 6:30. Afterwards, my hamstrings felt a little tight. Nothing some stretching and ice can't fix.

Tomorrow I will be up early to run before driving to Washington for my Godson's bday. I'm going to try and leave here a bit early so I can stop by the Nike Outlet store and see if I can find a new pair of kicks. Its almost time to retire the GT's (over 400 miles and bugging my shins a bit) officially and put the WaveRiders (nearing 400 miles) into semi retirement.

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