05 March 2010

Solid 10

Distance: 10 miles
Time: 1:22:44
Pace: 8:16

I was hoping to run a little bit closer to 8:00 pace, I'm happy with this run. My legs still feel a little tired. Probably a combination of my great workout on Tuesday and running my recovery run too quickly yesterday.

The effort was fairly evenly paced, 41:10 for the first 5, 41:34 for the second 5. My legs decided to tag team in pain today. While I was running, my calves were sore. When I was walking before/after the run, my calves were fine but my quads were sore.

This weekend is going to be crazy busy with homework. I have about 3 sections of algebra problems do to (linear & abstract combined), 3 diff eq assignments and I need to finish my paper on group theory! My 15 miler tomorrow is going to be a nice break from that.

1 comment:

  1. great effort. i'm sure the "slower" pace is related to putting a hard workout in on tuesday.

    and i think this weekend is a homework weekend for everyone -- no one wants to go out (including me) because there's so much to do! good luck with it all