31 January 2011

Recap: January 2011

Before the recap, today's LR was awesome! I averaged 8:06 pace with a 3:04 negative split! And...it gave me a new PR for weekly mileage! I got in 59 miles Tue-Today.

Ok, recap.

Distance: 218.5 miles (2nd longest month ever!)
Time: 28:47:21
Pace: 7:55

Really? Did I run that pace? I hope I'm able to keep that up for the cycle. Then I'll be sitting pretty for a 3:04 @ Boston. My marathoning career started in January '09. That month marked the start of my base training before my first cycle. My running has improved immensly since then.

Jan '09 = 45 miles (yeah, that low)
Jan '10 = 158.42 miles

I am very happy with my improvement. Hopefully its something I'll be able to keep up once real life starts, because its gonna start full force [June-graduate & start working, October-wedding :)]. If only my school work was going as well as my running.

My thesis is actually going ok. I'm maybe a little behind but not too bad. I haven't started my diff eq due on Thursday and I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm a a little...ok...I'm very behind in Algebra. That slightly worries me since we are getting a take home midterm soon. Now its off to the library to pick up a book for my thesis.


  1. what a great month! you want to transfer some of that to me?! you're setting yourself up for a spectacular boston.

  2. I'll give you some speed if you give me some of your miles. Deal?