28 January 2011

Long Intervals

It seems like my legs can handle two days of speed work each "week"....sort of. I say "week" since my training plan has 10-day mini cycles instead of the usual 7 days.

Today's workout called for 10 miles including 3x2 miles at half marathon pace. Here's how I wanted things to go down: 1@8:00, 2@6:40, 1@8:00, 2@6:40, 1@8:00, 2@6:40, 1@8:00. That would come out to 1:11:40 or 7:10 mile pace.

What actually happened is this: 1@7:49, 2@6:45, 1@7:55, 2@6:42, 2@8:17, 1@6:37, 1@7:58. Totalling 1:13:50 or 7:23 pace. I just didn't have it in my legs to complete the last interval. I guess they weren't completely recovered from Wednesday's tempo. Even though I didn't hit my paces dead on, I'm very happy with the workout.

Its going to be a looooong weekend. I've got my usually diff eq homework and thesis work. And I'm two sections behind in my algebra homework. And I'm heading up to my folks' house after my club run tomorrow. We're having our yearly bday party for my grandma (Jan 20), my cousin (Feb 1) and myself (Jan 26). Here's hoping that I actually get work done!

1 comment:

  1. i think that's the exact same workout i'm doing this weekend! hopefully i can get as good a workout in as you did.

    good luck with the work! stay strong!