04 January 2011

Over Due

Well, this post probably should have happend a while ago. First, a recap of 2010.

I PR'd at almost every distance!

(Previous PR/2010 Best Time)
5k-18:58/18:59 (so close!)

I credit my improvement to all the miles I put in. In 2009, I ran 875 miles. In 2010, 1800 miles. For the other stats/numbers nerds (I know you're reading this) those 1800 miles were at an average of 8:06 pace, spread out over 241 days or 7.4 miles per run. Another part of it was the motivation/advice/support from my rwol friends. Can't wait to finally meet some of you at Boston! Speaking of...

I finally finished my Boston training plan. Its 12 weeks long, averaging 56mpw peaking at 67mpw. Its not a traditional 12 week cycle. It consists of 7, 10-Day weeks and a 2 week taper.

My 2011 goals are almost non-existant and (the last one) is very flexible. As many of you know, I will graduate the my M.S. degree in June and am getting married in October. So...I have no idea where I will be after graduation. Whereever work takes the Kid and myself is where we'll be. Anyway, here are the goals:
1. 3:05 Marathon
2. 1:26 Half Marathon
3. Sub-40 10K
4. 2000 Miles

As of now I only have 2 races scheduled: Mercer Island Half Marathon (3.20) and Boston (4.18). Well, thats all for now. I need to go do some homework/work on my thesis...something I did not do over my winter break...oh well.


  1. wooooooooot to boston. i can't wait to meet you! and wow you totally smashed your prs. way to put in the work and get results

    p.s. i got your email about the training plan and will look it over when i get off of work tonight

  2. fab year, man! keep it up!