07 February 2011

Running Long

Distance: 20 miles
Time: 2:38:16
Pace: 7:55

Wow. That was unexpected. Three reasons: sleep, fueling and distance.

I did not sleep well last night. Probably only got 5 good hours of sleep. As for fueling, in the past I've used shotbloks and water. Well, quess who hasn't made it to a store to buy shotbloks yet? This guy. So...all I had was my Nathan fuel belt with 20oz of gatorade. And distance, I only had an 18 miler scheduled but just kept going.

The route was a combination double out and back. The first part is along the Willamette River (14 miles) with the last mile completely uphill. The second part is up hill 3 miles and then back down 3 miles. I figured hitting that hill during the second half would be good prep for Boston.

I almost didn't do the ice bath afterwards. Technically I don't do the ice bath ever, just really cold water. I put my feet in today and almost didn't sit down. I convinced myself that it would feel better later in the day and tomorrow so I sat down.

Before I forget, yay for new running gear. My bday was last week so I decided to spend some of the bday money on gear. I got two new pairs of shorts and a foam roller! Should be here on Wednesday!

Now, off to do some homework...


  1. gels and their cousins are over-rated.

  2. okay. so you ran that 20 wayyyyy faster than i ran mine hahah. great work! and cold water is better than nothing...which is what i did...

  3. Very proud of you babe!