28 February 2011

Recap and Stress

First, the recap. Despite being really off today (more on that in a bit), February was a great month for running.

Distance: 228.8 miles
Days run: 24
Average pace: 7:46
Average Distance Per Day: 9.5 miles

I'm happy with this, mostly. I was a few miles short of what my training plan had mapped out but any runner knows that life gets in the way and sometimes your body can't handle what you want it to. The distance was still a monthly PR by about 3 miles, was my 3rd month over 200 and was about 50 miles farther than Feb '09! The pace was probably a little quick. I hit the right paces on my quality workouts but my recovery/easy runs were a little quick.

Today was no bueno. I had a 20 miler (#3 of the cycle) scheduled for today. The weather decided to dump rain on me. So I made it 8 miles before calling it quits and deciding to get the rest of the miles in later. Sure, it wouldn't be a LR anymore but more mileage is always good. Well, my legs decided they didn't want to work and I only got in another 7 miles. I'm definitely looking forward to my rest day tomorrow.

School is slowly killing me. I am almost done with my final diff eq assignment of the quarter. Yay! But...that just means I'll actually have time to work on my algebra homework which I am still about 2.5 sections behind in....

My thesis is getting to its final stages. I turned in a second draft to my advisor yesterday. Hoping to have either that draft or draft #3 good enough to submit to my other committee member. As long as I can get him a copy this week, I should present next Wednesday or Friday (9th or the 11th). eeekkkk! Its going to be a long couple of weeks. I may be posting a little less for the next two weeks, but after that I should have more time for blogging. Time for some algebra homework!

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  1. great job on the month! excellent miles and pace. you are running WAY fast. you're going to leave me in the dust at boston.

    ew for weather getting in the way of your LR. the weather is supposed to be kind of yucky this week here and i'm hoping it doesn't mess up my plans