14 March 2011

So far so good

This post could be much longer but I've still got some studying to do for my modern algebra final tomorrow. So its a little on the short side.

First things first, I PASSED my 501 Presentation/Thesis Defense! Now I just have to make some corrections on my thesis and I'll be able to graduate in June :)

Running is going well this month. I've got in some great tempo runs. Like yesterday, 4 miles @6:24 pace. And one good long run this afternoon, 20 miles @7:51 pace. My cycle for Boston is shaping up nicely. We'll see how nice after my half marathon this Sunday. I've got 3 goals:
1. Course PR (1:31:52, '10)
2. PR (1:27:30, '10)
3. 1:25:xx
The last one is totally a dream goal, but I'm including it anyway.

Last but definitely not least, Boston bib numbers came out today! Bib number is in the 4000's which means coral 5 since they started the numbers at 101 this year. Yay for coral 5!


  1. glad youre having a good cycle for boston!

    wooooooot for wave one. i think i'm in corral 5 too!