01 November 2009

Thoughts from November

Well, its been some time since I posted. After the RnR marathon, I paced my mom and little brother through their first 5K. After that, I jumped in too quickly and got injured. Then I got caught up with work and school and family medical issues. Things have finally calmed down and I realized that I haven't ran in almost 2 months! That needs to change. Today I went to the gym for an easy 3 on the treadmill. It felt great!

I have already made more running plans. First, this years goals. I wanted to run 800 miles, finish 2 half marathons and run a marathon under 4 hours. I accomplished the last goal and know that I will not be able to accomplish the second. The first is still insight. Counting today's run, I only need another 137 miles. I also added a 5K in December. Nothing serious, just a fun run I'm going to do with my mom.

As for next year...I plan on becoming a member of the Half Fanatics. Its a group similar to the Marathon Maniacs but with, you guessed it, half marathons. I see it as a stepping stone to some day becoming a Maniac. To qualify, I will run the Mercer Island, Whidbey Island and Tacoma City Half marathons starting on March 21 and finishing on May 2. The last half is going to be my mom's first. I plan on pacing her through it. Then if all goes well, I should be able to PR at the Portland Marathon in October.

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