09 November 2009

I Love the Rain

Being as I've lived in the pacific northwest my whole life, I am use to all this rain. Actually, I feel like I run my best in the rain. Over the weekend I had a few good runs back home in Washington. I went back because my dad was in the hospital. He's home now but not 100% better. Still, home is better than the hospital.

Yesterday as a rest day. This meant I got to do homework. I managed to finish my analysis homework. Still need to do my algebra for tomorrow and my differential equations for Friday. As stressful and busy as grad school is, I think things are going well.

Today I was planning on an easy 4 mile run. Well, it was raining a little bit. Not much but it was raining. I took my usual route to the river. When I got to what would have been my turn around point, I just kept going. My legs felt good, the pace was comfortable, I figured why not? I decided to turn around about 25 minutes in. As I did so, I saw another runner going a bit faster than me up ahead. I tried to keep pace with him as long as I could. Eventually I passed him around mile 5. When all was said and done, I had ran 6.5 miles at 8:13 pace. Not exactly the easy run I was going for but it felt amazing! I hope this good running continues!

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