14 November 2009

11.8-11.14 Weekly Total

Miles: 21.9
Time: 2:57:14
Average Pace: 8:05

For my second week back, I am very happy with this weeks stats. I do need to learn how to run slower on my easy days though. Today's workout consisted of a 3 miler, core work and some lifting.

Now that I'm done with that, its time for some serious studying. I've got a diff eq assignment, analysis assignment and a midterm to study for. Hopefully I can finish one of the assignments today and one tomorrow. As for the midterm, I'll study when I have time. Hopefully that will be sooner than later. I need to do well on this one so I definitely need to study. Thankfully, I only have to take one quarter of that class (analysis). Off to the library!

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