13 November 2009

A Good Week

So far this week has been good. Well, its been good running wise. Classes are loading work on me again and dad is back in the hospital.

Monday's run was awesome(see previous post). Tuesday was an easy 3.5 miler. Took off Wednesday. Managed to drag my ass out of be on Thursday morning for a solid 5.4 miles. Today I didn't get out of bed early so I had to wait for class to be over. I hit the road at 1:00 and man was I movin'! I didn't think I was going as quick as I was. When I flew passed some other runners I glanced at my Garmin...6:35! A little quick for my second week back! Needless to say, I backed off what I thought was quite a bit. Ended up with 3.5 miles @7:19 pace. I'll definitely take it! Tomorrow I'm gonna hit the gym for an easy 3 or 4 on the dreadmill. Maybe I'll go longer, anything to avoid homework :) Actually I should do my homework. I've got two fairly lengthy assignments and a midterm to study for. As for now, its off to the grocery store (my fridge is basically empty).

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