04 May 2009

Trotting Along

Today's run was good. I did a 3.2 mile loop along the river plus a lap around campus for a total of 5 miles.

This morning my legs were still a bit sore from Saturday's run. I iced my shins Saturday and Sunday, that seemed to help. My quads were the most sore. I did some resting/stretching in yoga and that really loosened them up. I went out around 7:30, probably a little fast. In the end I averaged 7:38 pace for a finishing time of 38:11.

I am starting to become more confident with running faster on these shorter runs. Hopefully it pays off. New 'racing' plans for the year. About a week after the marathon, I'm going to run my mom and my brother through their first 5k's! That should be a lot of fun. Tomorrow is a nice 8 mile run. I think I might throw in some hills or Mt. Sentinel since the race has plenty of hills in the second half.

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