30 May 2009

Another week in the books

The end of this week did not go quite as well as the beginning but was still good. I've been looking at pace calculators and equivalent performance lists and am thinking about changing my goal again. Nothing too dramatic. Most calculators/lists tell me I'm capable of 3:3x:xx. Then I figure shooting for 3:40:00ish should be ok.

My 8 @ pace went good yesterday. I finished 8.36 around 8:27 pace. The run was good except for the temperature and my hydration. Usually I'm ok for 8 miles without hydrating on the run. Yesterday, and today, I did not get out early enough. It was in the mid 70's by the end of the run and I needed more water. Still, the pace felt great.

Today's 12.5 miler was a similar story. I ended up stopping at a local library to get some water from a fountain. That helped but wasn't quite enough. I took a few walk breaks that probably totaled .5 miles. At the finish, I had 12 miles of running at 8:30 pace. In the last half mile, I was greeted by a bee flying into my mouth. He stung me and I swallowed him. Thankfully, I'm not allergic.

This month I reached another milestone in my running. I somehow pushed by body for a little more than 165 miles! Four weeks until race day!

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