20 May 2009

Gotta Love that Elevation Change

I've run 3days in Washington, a few thousand feet below Missoula's elevation, and those 3 runs have been the best in a while. Yesterday, I ran 8 miles in the glorious rain and wind...well...I could have done without the wind. I finished 8.36 in 1:05 and change which comes out to 7:47 per mile! Back in Montana, I had a tough time running 6 under 8 minute pace. Yesterday's run felt really good.

Today I clocked 5.1 miles. I ventured out to a local track for some speed work. I did a half mile warm up, 5X1000m with 400m recovery, half mile cool down. I brought my old track spikes with me. The first was a little quick, 3:45.1. The next few were harder but still sub-4. Overall, I averaged 3:52.8 for each repeat. It felt amazing to run fast on a track again! Tomorrow I get a rest day. Then I'll finish out the week with an easy 5 on Friday and my first 20miler on Saturday.

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