30 June 2010

We'll give it a shot...

Oh, we're half way there. Oh, livin' on a prayer.

Even though I am quite short of where I should be to hit my goal of 2000 miles for the year, I still feel good. I missed several weeks due to injury and illness and am just now getting into the meat of my training for the year. Here's the stats so far plus stats for my last few runs:

My 14 miler on Saturday went really well. I clocked the last 6 under gmp! Still haven't started my research for the summer but that will change soon...I hope. My wonderful fiance and I have started looking at venues for the wedding reception and that is surprisingly fun!

I may be mia for a week or so as I am not sure how much time I'll have for blogging when I'm in St. Lois (7.2-7.13). In order to avoid jumping into the heat too quickly, I'm moving this weeks LR to tomorrow. Otherwise I'd be doing a 15 miler my second day in heat (upper 80's low 90's) when I'm used to upper 60's low 70's. By the time next week's LR comes about, I should be use to the heat enough to run that there.

Quick review/check in of my running goals for the year.

Goal 1: Sub-1:36 Half Marathon Check
 Mercer Island Half Marathon, 3.21.10, 1:31:52

Goal 2: Sub 3:45 Marathon In Progress
Just started week 4 of Pfitz 18/55 today.

Goal 3: 2000 Miles Short
As I wrote above, I'm over 200 miles short of this but am not worried about catching up. Next month should be a PR of 195 miles and august a PR of over 200 miles.

Goal 4: Sub 20 5-K In Progress
The race I planned on doing this at is this weekend. However, I will be in St. Louis and the race is in my hometown in Washington. So, I will change my goal race for this. Either in November or December. I came close in a training run though. I clocked a 20:04 as part of a 10 mile run a few months ago (before the half). 

Hope everyone else is having a good running year so far!

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